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Don’t forget to update your personal camera inventory , Google [Bot]. Find a camera by name:. Votes: 17 Suggest the rarity Add this camera to your inventory Add this camera to your wishlist. Known as “brick”. Several variations of wind knob, accessory clip and name plates. During the years it was manufactured, it was the best selling 35mm camera, around 2 million cameras were sold. There were a couple of hundred models refurbished in , which could cost a little more.

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Camera Stuff I love all cameras and still like to ” Burn” film. Rangefinder cameras are so simple and a pure joy to use. Argus C3’s are fun as they are ” Auto Nothing”. All the big boys at one time of another had a decent Rangefinder and with good Black and White Film and a Red Filter, still beat my monochrome conversions from my digital cameras.

Yes light leaks , sticky shutters are all paret of old camera problems, but to show up at a car show with an Argus C3 still turns heads Argus C3 Matic.

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The invention of the camera in the early 19th century led to an array of lens designs intended for photography. The problems of photographic lens design , creating a lens for a task that would cover a large, flat image plane, were well known even before the invention of photography [1] due to the development of lenses to work with the focal plane of the camera obscura. Simple lenses could not focus an image over a large flat film plane field curvature and suffered from other optical aberrations.

Their severe longitudinal chromatic aberration meant the light the photographers were seeing generally yellow light and the light to which the early photographic mediums were sensitive not converge to the same point, making it difficult to focus. In [3] [ citation needed ] , Chevalier created an achromatic lens a two-element lens made from crown glass and flint glass to cut down on chromatic aberration for Daguerre’s experiments.

Chevalier reversed the lens originally designed as a telescope objective to produce a much flatter image plane and modified the achromat to bring the blue end of the spectrum to a sharper focus. Reversing the lens caused severe spherical aberration so a narrow aperture stop was necessary in front of the lens. On 22 June , Daguerre contracted Alphonse Giroux France to manufacture his daguerreotype apparatus.

In William Hyde Wollaston invented a positive meniscus lens for eyeglasses. In Wollaston adapted it as a lens for the camera obscura [6] by mounting it with the concave side facing outward with an aperture stop in front of it, making the lens reasonably sharp over a wide field. By the end of , Chevalier had created an achromatic version of the meniscus that combined field flattening and chromatic aberration control.

Because the Achromat Landscape lens was quite slow, the French Society for the Encouragement of National Industry offered an international prize in for a faster one. Joseph Petzval of modern Slovakia was a mathematics professor with no optical physics experience, but, with the aid of several human computers of the Austro-Hungarian army, he took up the challenge of producing a lens fast enough for a daguerreotype portrait.

It was appropriate for one- to two-minute shaded outdoors daguerreotype exposures.

Argus C-Series Part III – Identification

The third time, as they say, was a charm. The first one chewed up my film pretty badly. I had trouble getting accurate focus with the second and something was wrong with my film. Meet my third C3, with which everything finally went well. Argus manufactured C3s from to , taking a couple years off during the war.

The state of the camera art changed a lot during those 27 years, but demand remained for a capable and relatively inexpensive 35mm camera.

This driver was commissioned by Argus Technologies. systems back dating to the N-C3 networker system (manufacturered in ). Please.

But then you can go into manual exposure mode. Coupled range finder. Argus Autronic: Electric eye finds the right aperture, 50mm f Kodak Motormatic 35 – spring operated drive – two windings to transport 20 pictures. Note: in ’61 all cameras mention which Series filter they take, either directly or via adapter, and if the adapter is needed it is listed right with the camera. This goes for the cameras on the prior pages as well. There is a lot of good in the Series accessory system. I’m surprised to learn that a weird pentagonal obelisk in front of Lurie Terrace is in fact a time capsule.

There is actually a second one nearby, from But the bronze plaque snow removed here is the same. Most amusing to me is that apparently one bit of swag included in the time capsule was one of the very odd and clunky Argus Autronic cameras. The company was in real trouble at that point, and only had a small remnant left in Ann Arbor surviving on defense contracts for specialized optics.

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Copyright by Phillip G. For pictures of Argus cameras to help in identifying which model you have, Click here. Establishing dates of manufacture for Argus cameras is an inexact art. Click here to read comments and assumptions about this guide.

Argus Camera Collection Kodak History, Antique Cameras, Real Estate A guide to estimating the manufacturing date of Argus cameras Postwar, Ale, Dating.

There are thousands of different models on his site sourced from all over the world, dating as far back as photography was invented, each one faithfully photographed and catalogued by Sylvain. Coronet Fildia moire , made in France, , far less common than the standard version because of its pattern [ link ]. Alsaphot Alsaflex , made in France, [ link ]. Bilora Boy , made in Chilli by the German company Bilora, [ link ]. Hit Mini Camera , made in Hong Kong, All Hit types are designed to take tiny rolls of film, normally with 10 shots per roll and return negatives just 14x14mm.

Coronet Midget , Made in England, , cost around five shillings. The Coronet Midget must be one of the most popular of all small cameras to collect. Coronet company marketed their own 6-exposure film specifically for the Midget. Albini Alba , made in Italy circa Although faded, this detective camera is very nicely manufactured. Made of blackened wood assembled with care and covered with leather. Under the name Alba, in golden letters, appears the symbol J.

History of photographic lens design

Discussion in ‘ Collector’s Corner ‘ started by Mitica , Jan 24, Dating and identifying cameras Discussion in ‘ Collector’s Corner ‘ started by Mitica , Jan 24, Dec 3, SRT with self timer. Some models didn’t have that. Dec 5,

I guess that mystery will never be solved based on the serial number dating. I recently also obtained a gorgeous matchmatic version that.

Home The Hillsboro argus. September 23, Image 3. Below is the OCR text representation for this newspapers page. It is also available as plain text as well as XML. OrogM ,! Iel-4le, taeidurtod. Lmml a-d ‘ “. Mn Oafwe iNNHto hi! Itrf CQlii Build ilon a re, a t ft “I uur i. W give a dollar in value for a dollar in coin. One Year.


Needless to say, such things are very unpleasant from a company standpoint as well as a personal standpoint. In recent years we have made improvements in leveling our employment between the fall and spring months. We have done this even though our sales in November are sometimes three times February sales. This is done with some risk by building a large inventory of finished products during the spring.

Produced in the s the camera features a 50mm f/ lens and range finder focus. And while a fully automatic camera you can set things manually if you can.

The American made Argus C-3 may be the most prolific rangefinder, with over 3 million cameras produced! Finished Restoring my Matchmatic C3. I got this Matchmatic C3 from a garage sale, and the body was in fair condition, but the optics, rangefinder, and viewfinder were all very dirty. Like most old C3s, everything was stiff, but functional. So I used several of the many good tutorials online and tore the camera apart and did a full CLA.

For those of you who have taken a C3 apart, its not hard, but I still managed to screw a couple of things up. So I ended up having to get a donor Matcmatic off ebay to take some of the parts.

Argus C3 Camera: Loading Film

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